5 Ways Quality Housekeeping Carts Can Improve Your Hotel

24th Dec 2020

All businesses rely on certain kinds of equipment to operate properly. Utility carts, for instance, play a large role in the day-to-day operations of thousands of different kinds of businesses and industries, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the hospitality industry.

Quality housekeeping carts for hotels help staff properly maintain and clean the hotel, while also keeping the entire facility organized and properly managed. These carts also help to shape guest perception, while meeting their various needs during their stay. Without these utility carts, the normal operations of most hotels, bed and breakfasts, motels, casinos, convention centers, and similar venues would become substantially more arduous.

When we’re enjoying ourselves during a stay in a nice hotel, we tend not to think much of the housekeeping aspect of things. So long as the place is clean and nothing is broken, we’re likely to look upon the venue favorably. However, what many people don’t see is the work that is required in the background to keep a hotel so orderly and clean. This task, ushered along by the hard work of the staff in question, wouldn’t be possible without high-quality housekeeping carts to back them up.

Regardless of the size of the hotel, utility carts are likely to play some kind of important role. The following points help to illustrate how quality carts make all the difference when it comes to hotel efficiency and cleanliness, and why you should make it a point to invest in better carts for your business if you are in the hospitality industry.

Stay Better Organized With Housekeeping Carts For Hotels

One of the most important and obvious benefits of quality housekeeping carts is that they can help your staff stay organized. The trouble with a lack of proper equipment is that workers are often forced to compensate in certain ways in order to make up for it, and this can result in disorganization and clutter, which results in a lack of efficiency.

High-quality housekeeping carts from brands such as Suncast are not only built to withstand a large amount of wear and tear, they are also designed to make the lives of your staff far easier. With roomy compartments yet featuring sleek and ergonomic designs, these kinds of utility carts aid in the entire process of keeping facilities neat and tidy. When you can properly organize all of your cleaning supplies without leading to cluttered spaces, it can substantially improve worker efficiency and morale. Plus it looks more appealing from the outside, as well.

An organized, clean hotel will appear more professional to your guests, which is important if you want to maintain positive relationships with them. At all times you need to be aware of the guest’s perception of your facility and ensure that everything is well taken care of and properly organized. A cluttered, messy utility cart crammed with cleaning supplies lurching down the hall does not make for good guest reviews.

Great Way to Improve Staff Efficiency

The quality and condition of the utility carts you have on hand can certainly play a role in how efficient your business is. Staff can only compensate so much for shoddy equipment, and the presence of inefficient, sluggish, and clunky carts can have a negative impact on performance.

The right housekeeping carts for hotels can streamline the everyday processes of your facility and make cleaning tasks far easier. Even something as simple as a more ergonomic design can improve handling and maneuverability, which means that your staff doesn’t have to wrestle with the cart as much to move it from place to place. When you factor in features such as quality casters, ample storage, slender frames, and plenty of space for cleaning tools, you have everything you need in one piece of equipment to give a boost to the overall efficiency of your business.

While well-made utility carts aren’t a total remedy for making sure your hotel runs smoothly, they can be a large factor. Housekeeping carts are involved with some of the most essential tasks required as it pertains to actually running a hotel. From basic routine maintenance to delivering fresh linens, to efficiently cleaning units in order to prepare for the next guests in a timely manner, having the proper carts on hand is an absolute necessity.

While aging or inefficient carts may not seem like that big of a deal, these slight issues can easily compound, and in the heat of the moment, they often do. During emergency situations when a guest may need special attention, having to rely on a sluggish or crowded cart does not reflect well on the hotel, and it limits the staff’s ability to perform certain jobs with ease. These types of situations can compound during the busy season or when there are simply multiple issues that need attending to at once.

By investing in the right quality equipment, you can help to ensure that your staff is properly outfitted for any challenges that may arise, and that efficiency can be maintained even when the hotel is at max capacity or when there are special events or emergencies.

Well-Made Utility Carts Save Time

Whenever you’re dealing with the subject of efficiency, time is involved as well. Higher efficiency means saving time, and in any business, this can, directly and indirectly, translate to more money and better service. If your staff has more time, that allows everyone to be more flexible and better meet the needs of your guests.

High-quality housekeeping carts save time because they are easy to maneuver, provide better organization, and usually have a slimmer profile that makes using them more efficient in general. While a better cart may only shave a minute or two off of a routine cleaning task, this saved time eventually compounds throughout the day, leading to better quality work and more time to stop and get all the details right. When staff is harried, there is a much greater chance of missing something or making a mistake. More time leads to less stress and more care toward individual tasks. Efficiency is one of the most important aspects of any well-ran business, no matter the industry, which is why investing in the right equipment is so important.

Quality Carts Are Less Likely to Need Replacement

Another one of the key benefits of investing in better utility carts for your hotel is the life cycle of quality equipment. The old adage, “you get what you pay for” is more apt than ever when it comes to the equipment you use each and every day. How well it performs and how often you can use it before it breaks down or needs to be repaired is entirely based on how well the item was constructed in the first place.

If you have any experience with bargain equipment or tools, you know how often they need to be replaced or repaired. These types of items are rarely worth buying, and can actually cause more issues over the long run. Having to maintain the equipment that you are using to maintain your business can get redundant after a while. It makes far more sense to consider the benefits of investing in a well-made, durable piece of equipment that you can lean on for years to come.

Housekeeping carts are one of those pieces of equipment that is not likely to see much downtime. These utility carts will constantly be used throughout the course of a day to help your staff perform any number of maintenance and cleaning tasks. You need to invest in quality here otherwise you are bound to see breakdowns and need to constantly replace the units anyway.

One of the incidental benefits of high-quality housekeeping carts is that they will actually save you money in the long run. Not only will increased efficiency help the overall efficiency and productivity of your hotel, but there is also a good chance that you will save money when it comes to replacing and repairing your carts as well. Investing in the right equipment has a compound effect that can benefit your business in multiple ways.

Better Experience For Your Guests

Perhaps the most important reason to utilize high-quality housekeeping carts for hotels is how critical these pieces of equipment are for crafting the right guest experience. Customer satisfaction is everything in the hotel industry, which means all aspects of the way you manage your facility should fit the picture or experience you are trying to create for your guests.

The cleaning and maintenance aspect of the hotel experience is fundamental to the way in which your facility is perceived. While noise, proximity to certain locations, and various amenities do play key roles in the guest experience, more often than not the complaints will come from a lack of cleanliness, a lack of prompt and efficient maintenance, or both.

Housekeeping carts of course are integral to providing your guests with an optimal experience. How effective can your staff be at delivering certain items to a room, or changing out linens, if these tasks had to be performed by hand or with a simple dolly? The clutter and confusion would quickly become overwhelming, and your guests would be none too happy.

It doesn’t take much to please most guests but they are looking for certain points to be addressed. Daily housekeeping for instance needs to be handled in an orderly and efficient fashion, and most all, it has to be worth it in the mind of the guest. If your guest is forced to leave their room for a certain period of time and they come back to find a poorly cleaned bathroom, they won’t be pleased, and may even complain or write a bad review simply on principle. It’s better to avoid these kinds of situations altogether by making sure your staff has everything they need in order to do the best possible job.

While a housekeeping cart isn’t magically going to spawn five-star reviews and glowing compliments, these vital pieces of equipment can help address the needs of your guests with as much efficiency as possible. Simple tasks like replacing linen, collecting trash, or mopping a floor should be able to be handled quickly and diligently.

Discretion is also important. Guests don’t want to see a messy, ambling cart piled with dirty rags or trash. A high-quality housekeeping cart has all of the proper storage and hooks necessary to keep everything arranged and neat. Quality housekeeping carts from brands like Rubbermaid and Suncast are designed specifically to offer as much storage space as possible without the cart becoming too unwieldy. Achieving that perfect combination of functionality and compact design helps to add to the overall presentation. This is what your guests are keeping an eye out for, even if it’s somewhat subconscious.

Ultimately, your guests want to feel special and pampered and don’t want to be obstructed by the cleaning and maintenance process. By investing in the right utility carts, you can keep your hotel organized and clean without having to rely on bulk or obtrusive carts that may get in the way of foot-traffic or doorways.

From the organizational benefits to helping you save time and money, it’s clear that the right high-quality carts can have a positive impact on your hotel and the way in which your guests perceive your business. If you are interested in investing in some of these carts for your business, you can find exactly what you need right here at Wholesale Utility Carts.

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