Are Suncast Housekeeping Carts Right For Your Business?

27th Jan 2021

Every successful business relies on an array of different equipment that is used to perform important tasks or keep everything running smoothly. In the case of hotels and other businesses in the hospitality industry, housekeeping carts play a critical role and are often relied upon to ensure that the facility remains clean and that the guests feel well-taken care of.

Suncast housekeeping carts are one example of well-made utility carts that are relied upon throughout the hospitality industry for their tough construction and functional designs. Trying to manage a hotel is difficult enough without being hampered by the equipment you are using. Having the right utility carts on hand can make a substantial difference in the way your team is able to perform.

Meeting the expectations of guests and keeping your facility running nice and smooth is what it’s all about. Getting to this point and staying there depends on making sure you have a solid fleet of housekeeping carts to work with because these are what your employees rely on to get the job done. The following guide will cover some of the reasons why Suncast Commercial is an industry leader when it comes to heavy-duty housekeeping carts, and why they are certainly worth your consideration if you are in the process of purchasing new carts for your facility.

Why Suncast is a Leading Name in the Hospitality Industry

Suncast Commercial is a brand that specializes in innovative commercial solutions. For over 25 years they have been at the forefront of the industry when it comes to constructing durable and functional utility carts and other kinds of workplace and commercial products. Their line of housekeeping carts is perhaps the most well known of all their products, and for good reason.

Suncast housekeeping carts are simply built with quality in mind. Made from high-quality materials and developed with wear and tear in mind, these carts can endure a ton of use and won’t suffer from it. They also come packed with quite a few great features, such as impact-absorbing bumpers that help prevent wall damage, for instance. When it comes to providing your team with equipment that is built for the task at hand, these utility carts truly go above and beyond. There’s a reason why Suncast products have been leading the charge for over two decades, and why their carts are a common sight throughout the whole of the hospitality industry.

It’s this dedication to quality that makes these carts an easy choice if you are trying to improve hotel operations. Having the right carts in your facility makes important routine maintenance and housekeeping tasks that much easier, and of course, all of these tasks play a role in guest perception of your facility. Meeting guest expectations can be difficult without the proper equipment because for them, efficiency and attention to detail is everything.

This is one area of your business that has to be properly looked at and invested in because an inefficient housekeeping staff is sure to trickle down to the guests at some point or another. Guests expect speedy and efficient service in all areas of the hotel, from crucial room maintenance to basic issues like towel collection. Everything needs to be handled with quickness and professionalism, otherwise, you run the risk of garnering a bad review or at the very least losing out on repeat business.

Making sure you have a fleet of high-functioning utility carts could very well make the difference between a well-run business and a mismanaged one. Do housekeeping carts have that much of an impact on the way a hotel is managed? While there is certainly some variance here, depending on a wide range of factors such as the size of the hotel in question and how capable the staff is, at the end of the day, the equipment you use every day for hundreds of tasks can’t be ignored. Inefficiency here means inefficiency throughout your entire hotel. When something as simple as delivering linen becomes a chore because you are using inefficient equipment, things could get problematic. You may not even realize how much time and energy your staff is wasting having to deal with outdated equipment.

When it comes to Suncast carts, in particular, you may still have questions in regards to whether or not they are right for your business and why they are so useful, to begin with. We’ve compiled a streamlined FAQ that can help fill you in on some of the details about these high-quality pieces of equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Suncast Housekeeping Carts

Are These Carts Durable?

One of the immediate features that is notable about these premium housekeeping carts is that they are extremely well made and built with rugged use in mind. These are not the kinds of carts that will buckle and fail on you after a couple months of use. Suncast products are designed to deliver a professional experience that you can rely on in your business.

These utility carts feature solid construction and are built from quality materials that resist damage and will be able to withstand plenty of wear as you use them for the daily operations of your business.

Are They Easy to Handle?

With all that durability, you might think that these utility carts are clunky or stubborn to work with, as a trade-off. The reality is that these carts are a breeze to handle, and are designed specifically to offer superior mobility over the competition. This is important because, in a hotel, you aren’t always working with a ton of space, so easy maneuvering is a great trait to have. Whether you need to fit your cart into a bathroom for easy reach to your janitorial supplies, or if you simply need to navigate your housekeeping cart through a crowded hallway without interrupting the flow of traffic or making guests feel burdened, these carts are perfect for such tasks.

Suncast housekeeping carts are actually quite ergonomic and are built with use in the hospitality industry in mind, from start to finish. Though they are roomy, these carts feature sleek designs that aren’t bulky or cumbersome, which makes handling them that much easier. Perfect for use in cramped areas or facilities with narrow corridors such as Bed and Breakfasts. Working in tight spaces like bathrooms is easy with one of these carts, as they have plenty of room for all the supplies you need without being overly bulky.

What Businesses Are Suncast Carts Suited For?

You might be wondering if these utility carts are suited for your particular business needs. When it comes to housekeeping carts in general, you have to think about the specific needs of your business or facility, because there are quite a few different types of utility carts, and one that specializes in housekeeping tasks may not be right for you.

Quality housekeeping carts excel in hotels and motels, bed and breakfasts, convention centers, and casino hotel establishments. Hospitals and other medical facilities, such as senior living facilities and other kinds of establishments, can also make fine use of these kinds of carts.

If you are searching for utility carts specifically designed to carry linen or dirty towels, or miscellaneous items, Suncast Commercial also has excellent quality tilt trucks suitable for this very purpose.

Keep in mind, housekeeping or janitorial carts can also be used in restaurants and cafeterias for general cleaning purposes and routine maintenance. These carts are surprisingly versatile and are well-suited to cover just about all facets of the hospitality industry.

What Types of Supplies Can These Carts Carry?

As far as janitorial or housekeeping supplies go, these utility carts are designed to carry all of the primary tools and cleaning supplies one would need in order to properly maintain a hotel room, eating area, common room, or similar area of a hotel. While many varieties and brands of utility carts can cover this level of functionality well enough, the sleek and ergonomic design of the Suncast models is what sets them apart, and what makes them so potentially useful for hotel managers that want to increase or improve efficiency.

With plenty of room for linen and cleaning solutions, tool hooks, laundry bags, vacuum holders, and general all-purpose shelving, these carts are exactly what you need out of a high-quality housekeeping cart, yet don’t feel as though they are weighed down with too much stuff when fully outfitted. This is due to their streamlined and rather compact design that prioritizes maneuverability and functionality while still maintaining plenty of room for everything you need on the job.

Does Suncast Have Other Useful Products?

As mentioned previously, Suncast does feature an impressive array of other useful products that you might want to consider if you are trying to outfit your facility with the best equipment possible. At all levels of your establishment, whether it’s linen delivery or taking out the garbage in a clean and efficient manner, various utility carts are an essential part of the equation.

Suncast has several different kinds of housekeeping carts, janitorial carts, shelf carts, tilt trucks, platform trucks, pneumatic carts, and even heavy-duty commercial trash cans, all of which can be used to properly outfit your business and help it run at peak efficiency.

Outside of making sure your hotel has the right housekeeping carts to work with, you may want to take a hard look at other areas of your facility and see where a high-quality utility cart could potentially make a difference. The long-lasting quality and functionality of Suncast Commercial products mean that these carts are a true investment for your business that you can rely on for years to come.

Prioritizing Quality With Your Equipment

A standard housekeeping cart that’s high-quality should be well-made and feature plenty of space for important cleaning supplies and other items. If the carts you are currently using in your facility don’t seem to measure up to this standard and you feel as though it’s time for a change, Suncast has exactly what you’re looking for.

It is certainly worth investing in better-performing, ergonomic utility carts that can help give your staff what they need to properly attend to the hotel or facility in question. Suncast is the brand you want if quality and efficiency are your top priorities, and you can find them here at Wholesale Utility Carts.

Our focus is on providing quality equipment to businesses and facilities that need it, and we are proud to carry some of Suncast’s top housekeeping carts in our online store. We have made the process of outfitting your hotel with the right equipment as easy as possible since you can order just what you need right here online.

Whether you are looking for brand new, tough housekeeping carts that will help you better manage the day-to-day tasks of your hotel, or if you require additional kinds of quality utility carts to ensure that all aspects of your business are running smoothly, we have what you need. Not only do we feature an incredible selection of utility carts here in our store, but our prices are also affordable and our customer service is unbeatable. We strive to help businesses find what they need and rely on our years of industry experience and knowledge to assist businesses with their specific needs.

Don’t go without the right housekeeping carts or other kinds of equipment. Even a small upgrade to your equipment could mean a big difference in the performance of your staff and your ability to meet the expectations of your guests. No matter what kind of establishment you are managing or what your business goals are, making sure everything is running as efficiently as possible should be paramount. You can always trust Wholesale Utility Carts to have what you are looking for in terms of functional and high-grade utility carts, and along with our efficient delivery and exceptional prices, there’s no reason to shop anywhere else. Take a look through our store today or reach out to us with any questions you might have.