History of carts

24th May 2014

The history of carts dates back as far as the second millennium B.C. The earliest carts referred to as Hand-carts pushed by humans have been part of history around the world. In the 19th century some state that people crossing the United States 1856-1860 used these push carts to transport their belongings across the country. Since the invention of the wheel, in the 4th millennium BC. Carts have played an important part of civilization. History claims that carts used by man were named push carts and later as the need arose to transport heavier loads mankind enlisted the help of animals creating the name oxcart or horse cart so the pull cart was born. Another name or style of cart became known as the trolley what we call a dolly today for transporting product with wheels underneath the heavy object. The first use of a two wheel truck or hand truck, trolley or sack truck also referred to as a dolly. Was used during the era known as the steam locomotive era when people traveled by rail. Porters used the hand trucks with two wheels at the end of a metal frame to load and transport baggage. The small metal lip at the bottom was used to place the bags and then tilted back to create leverage on the wheels to easily move the bags. As the industrial revolution progressed these carts continued to show up as new forms of transportation become the norm, and are still in use today as baggage carts at the airport or train station by porters or skycaps.Even dating back to the Chinese Sui Dynasty (581-618) history shows carts pulled by bulls. As the industrial revolution continued and factories starting showing up the use of platform carts and utility carts where used to move heavy metal, parts and equipment around the factory or warehouse.