How a Rubbermaid Custodial Cart Makes a Difference

20th Apr 2020

The right janitorial equipment can make a world of difference in the efficiency and upkeep of your business, whether you are running a hotel or are in charge of a school or hospital. A high-quality Rubbermaid custodial cart will provide your staff with the necessary functionality in order to perform at a high level and get their work done properly.

The quality of your utility carts is important because when you are relying on certain equipment to function after months of rigorous everyday use, you need to know that it’s up to the task. A custodial cart should be an investment for your business, not a liability that needs to be repaired or replaced a few months after purchase.

Rubbermaid has long been a mainstay in the world of home organization, storage, waste disposal, and janitorial services. Over the years they have refined their brand to encompass a large selection of high-quality utility carts that are built to endure heavy usage and are equipped to handle any industry, including foodservice and hospitality, schools and colleges, medical establishments, and more. Their carts are suited for commercial as well as industrial janitorial operations and can be counted on to get the job done year after year.

What sets a Rubbermaid custodial cart apart from the competition, you may be wondering? Is there really that much of a difference between utility carts? Let’s take a look at the specifics and you will see why Rubbermaid carts are indeed a solid investment for any janitorial need.

Rubbermaid Custodial Cart Features
Ideally, you want your custodial cart to be durable, spacious and equipped with the shelves, bins, or caddies necessary in order for janitorial staff to do their jobs with a high level of efficiency. A cart that is awkward or too small will leave janitors frustrated or will hinder them from being able to work quickly and fastidiously.

Perhaps one of the most important features of modern custodial carts should be their overall size and shape. Some utility carts can be large and unwieldy, unable to fit in the places you need them or simply cumbersome to handle. Rubbermaid custodial carts have a compact design despite their spaciousness, which means it is relatively easy to maneuver them around your place of business and not obstruct the flow of foot traffic.

This is especially important in locations such as schools and hotels. While your custodial staff needs to be able to perform their job well, it’s also important that their duties don’t interfere with the general activity of the establishment they’re working in. Additionally, obstructing the flow of traffic can be a safety hazard that should be avoided.

Well-made custodial carts have a compact, slim profile that makes it easy to maneuver them around, fit them into tight spots, and store them efficiently when not in use. Rubbermaid has perfected the design of their utility carts, crafting the perfect combination of compact size and roomy storage space for optimal functionality.

One point to note in terms of the maneuverability of these carts is in the wheels. All too often, cheap and aging utility carts become difficult to manage due to the wheels becoming stuck or otherwise malfunctioning in some way. Once this happens, it can be a chore to control the cart and move it around the premises. It may even require repairs. Rubbermaid custodial carts have extremely durable 8” ball bearing wheels and whisper-quiet casters, eliminating any issues with stuck or impeded wheels. You won’t have any trouble moving these carts around.

The other primary benefit of a well-designed Rubbermaid cart is in the utility it provides in the way of shelving, hooks, and security. You want your cart to be compact enough to move around easily without sacrificing storage space or the features custodial staff needs in order to properly do their jobs. Rubbermaid utility carts address these needs with exactly the kind of quality features you’re looking for.

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