Important Features to Consider For Your Hotel Housekeeping Carts

29th Sep 2020

Managing a hotel requires a high degree of coordination between staff to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently the way guests expect. In order to meet these expectations, your staff needs to be outfitted with the proper equipment that will allow them to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

Having high-quality hotel housekeeping carts is one of the key aspects of managing a hotel or inn properly. If you want your staff to stay organized, efficient, and effective, having the right housekeeping cart can make all the difference. Superior quality directly translates into more efficiency, which is exactly what you need when you are trying to keep a hotel in order.

When you are investing in new or updated utility carts for your hotel or similar business, it’s important to be able to recognize the key features of a well-made cart in order to help guide your decisions. There are many factors that go into a well-managed hotel, but high-quality equipment is certainly among the most important. You have to be willing to invest in the right tools for the job if you want to see results, and in this case, proper utility carts are indispensable.

In this guide, we will cover some of the finer points in regards to hotel housekeeping carts, including what features you should look for so you have a general idea of which ones you should invest in for your business. We will also go over why certain modern features are important for a well-managed business, as well as which brands produce some of the finest carts for the job.

Reliable Sturdy Construction

The first and perhaps one of the most important features for any reliable housekeeping cart is its construction. What materials is the cart made out of and is the overall design built to last? This is something you want to look out for before analyzing other features because the quality of the construction will often be the deciding factor in whether or not a utility cart is up to the task at hand or not.

You want your cart to be built to last. This means tough, durable construction that can weather ongoing and consistent use in a multitude of environments. Ideally, you want your housekeeping cart to be made out of high-grade molded plastics that can stand up to a variety of different run-of-the-mill accidents and hazards. The quality of the wheels is also important, as these are typically a problem area for shoddy utility carts. A stuck wheel can dramatically reduce the usefulness of a cart until the issue is addressed.

The overall construction should weigh heavily into your decision-making-process because, ultimately, when you purchase housekeeping carts for your hotel, you are making an investment into your business. You want a product that will last through years of continuous use. This means superior quality base materials and craftsmanship in the hinges, wheels, and other more delicate areas. This way you know that your utility cart will be up to the challenge of helping your staff clean and manage the facility without issue.

In terms of key points, you want to look at when investing in quality housekeeping carts, this is one area where you don’t want to make a hasty judgment. For example, brands like Rubbermaid excel at producing utility carts for the hospitality industry that have superior body construction and that are built to last. These are the kinds of models you want to look at if quality construction is something on your radar.

Modern Ergonomic Design

Outside of the construction itself and the materials that actually go into the cart itself, you want to pay close attention to the design of the cart to see if it is built with efficiency in mind. A clunky, inefficient housekeeping cart is certainly not going to help your staff perform on the job and may even create problems.

The best housekeeping carts are ergonomic and have newer, sleeker designs built to accommodate guests as well as staff. With slimmer profiles, better use of compartment space, and optimized shelving and handling features, well-made utility carts actually feel better when you use them.

The essence of ergonomic design is one that makes for an “easy fit.” Using the equipment feels natural and effortless. This is done by paying close attention to the way you grip the cart and how you will maneuver it throughout the facility, as well as making sure to keep certain features properly spaced so nothing feels cluttered or hard to reach.

An ergonomic design actually impacts efficiency because not only will a better quality cart allow you to reach what you need easier and get to items faster, but it will handle better as you travel throughout the facility. Your staff will appreciate the easy handling and how simple it is to access what they need when they need it.

Not only this, but streamlined utility cart designs like this are also immensely beneficial in tight corners and narrow hallways. If you manage a bed and breakfast or a similar venue, you might be familiar with the need to reach tight spaces and maneuver your equipment around in less-than-convenient areas. Modern, optimized cart designs allow for better adaptability and usage because they can often be utilized in ways that older, clunkier models can’t be.

A High Degree of Maneuverability

This leads to the next point: the overall maneuverability is an important factor all on its own when you are looking for a high-quality housekeeping cart. Depending on the kind of facility you manage, whether it is a brand new luxury hotel or a tiny inn or bed and breakfast converted from an older Victorian-style home, you may certainly benefit from carts that are easy to move around.

A clunky, oversized utility cart is hardly necessary for most situations and in fact, can make life difficult for both staff and guests alike. By clogging up hallways and being a pain to move around, these kinds of carts are best to be avoided.

Newer, more streamlined carts offer a higher degree of maneuverability while still including plenty of space with which to work with to carry everything your staff needs to get the job done. A high-quality cart is designed to optimize its space while being far easier to manage and move around. This means it can be used in a larger variety of situations and is better suited to take on certain tasks that require moving around in tight areas.

A high amount of maneuverability is a factor that is quite important for guest satisfaction as well because while most guests are innately aware of the importance of housekeeping staff, they rather not be inconvenienced or obstructed by their activities. It’s important that your housekeeping carts sport a slim design and can be easily moved out of the way when necessary to allow foot traffic to pass through.

Guest satisfaction is a massive part of the hospitality industry and something you want to think about in all aspects of how your business is managed and operated. Guests tend to notice the little things, so it’s important that you do what you can to mitigate any potential inconveniences and problems that they are liable to encounter during their stay.

The Right Amount of Storage

In terms of pure functionality, the storage capabilities of your housekeeping carts is obviously an important point you want to take into consideration. Having the right amount of storage space and options for mops and other tools can make a world of difference for your staff. If workplace efficiency is something you are trying to increase, this is one area that may make a difference.

A well-designed hotel housekeeping cart will have just enough room for the essentials, keeping everything properly spaced, organized, and within reach. Depending on the style of the cart in question and how many features you need in order to perform certain duties, investing in the right model can certainly impact the efficiency of your staff in a positive way. Inefficient and clunky equipment is a huge time sink and can drag your business down. Outside of poor management, there’s perhaps no other single factor that plays such a big role in the overall performance and efficiency of a business.

Having a utility cart with the necessary storage is also simply useful from a customer service point of view. It’s beneficial for your staff to be able to have many important cleaning supplies and other items on hand as they perform their job that may be able to aid a guest on the fly, such as additional towels or toilet paper. If your carts are able to comfortably carry a diverse range of items while still maintaining efficiency, it will be that much easier to meet guest expectations and help ensure that they have a pleasant experience.

Housekeeping Carts That Get The Job Done

When you need to increase the efficiency of your hotel operations, investing in the right housekeeping carts can actually make a difference and help streamline the everyday workflow of your staff. This means you need to be able to find quality equipment that will meet your needs and enhance your staff’s abilities to perform their duties.

Rubbermaid has long been a staple in the hospitality industry, as they are known for the high-quality construction of their utility carts. In terms of finding the right carts for your business that can actually increase efficiency and simply provide a high degree of utility, this brand is the perfect example of what you want to look for.

When you are looking for the right kind of housekeeping cart that truly matches what you need for your business, remember to keep all of the above factors in mind. An ergonomic and durable hotel housekeeping cart that is designed from the ground up with efficiency in mind will go a long way toward helping to streamline the everyday processes of your hotel. This will lead to satisfied guests and less frustrated staff.

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