Mega BRUTE®, Waste Collection Efficiency

10th Apr 2014

Every Facility that CollectsTrash Needs Mega BRUTE®, Including: Office (BSC’s) • Healthcare• Hospitality• Education• Entertainment• Food service• Retail. Did You Know? Labor costs attribute for 80 - 90% of the average BSC’s total cost structure. So, saving time equals profitability. RCP 9W73 Improves waste collection efficiency, Decreases trips to the dumpster, Decreases on the job injury potential. Mega BRUTE® was designed with maneuverability in mind Turns within its own axis making for • Easy and precise handling through tight spaces• 27.5” working width fits through standard doorways, elevators and small hallways. • Tool storage area allows for carry of liners and other supplies, meaning less trips to the supply closet while working.