Replacing Rubbermaid Tilt Truck Parts

1st Aug 2014

Many commercial users of Rubbermaid tilt trucks and carts find the value of updating worn or damaged wheels and casters on material handling utility carts and tilt trucks. Improper use or over loading can cause the deterioration of the standard wheels and casters that come with these products. You always want to check the load rating on the products you purchase and make sure they will perform up to your facilities requirements. Over loading any laundry or housekeeping cart will cause the eventual failure, thus creating an unsafe or inefficient product. Train your staff on the correct load capacity, make sure they understand how to use equipment properly.

Construction companies that use tilt trucks on construction sites for removal of heavy debris like bricks or lumber should be sourcing heavy duty tilt truck like the Rubbermaid 1315 with casters and wheels rated for collection of 1200 lbs.

You must make sure to find the model number on your Rubbermaid Commercial product to insure that you purchase the correct replacement casters. The RCP 1315 tilt truck will use these replacement parts, Rubbermaid 1315 L3 12” wheels and the FG4402 L1 5” swivel casters. By getting the correct factory replacement parts will insure that you can continue to operate your equipment as the factory intended.