The Multipurpose Utility of Olympic Wire Shelving

22nd May 2020

When you are managing a busy and hectic work environment, you need shelving and storage solutions that maximize efficiency and aid in workflow for everyone involved. If you operate a hotel, restaurant, or other business that routinely requires the fast and efficient movement of packages, you need the multipurpose utility of Olympic wire shelving.

The back rooms and kitchens of businesses all over the country rely on durable and expertly designed shelving solutions in order to maintain peak efficiency and continuously operate at a high level. Mobile shelving options such as those provided by Olympic have become a standard in the industry, for their well-made construction and open design, allowing maximum storage capacity.

Wire shelf mobile carts can be used for a wide variety of purposes, and are often found in storage rooms and similar areas where boxes of goods and packages are kept and organized for later use. The primary benefit of mobile wire shelving is that it allows your staff to quickly and easily transport goods where they need to be, throughout the workspace as required.

Rather than picking up and lugging around two or three heavy boxes of cans from one end of a kitchen to another, or from a loading dock to a back room, wire shelving provides you with an easier means of transport. Heavy and cumbersome boxes can be shifted around and re-organized as needed, and even set up side by side or in rows for optimal storage purposes.

The Solution For Backroom Mismanagement

Commercial grade wire shelving by Olympic is the answer for crowded and chaotic kitchens, backrooms, storage rooms, and other crowded and hectic areas of your establishment. By providing not only an accessible and much-needed storage solution for a variety of goods, but these shelves can also improve the general efficiency of the entire business.

When large packages need to be transferred to different areas of the workplace or kitchen, you are either forced to expend valuable staff to haul everything around themselves or invest in a far more efficient solution. It’s not merely a matter of workplace efficiency however, as the right mobile shelving also provides an important level of organizational storage that makes operating the business much easier. 

Olympic wire shelving is the solution you’re searching for if you are trying to solve staff headaches and end backroom mismanagement. By taking advantage of their streamlined design and excellent storage capacity, you will be able to properly organize your kitchen or storage area and completely accelerate the general workflow of your establishment.

Where to Find Olympic Wire Shelving For Your Business

If you have come to the conclusion after reading this that you require mobile shelving for your hotel, restaurant, or other place of business, you want to invest in a model that will serve you well year after year. There’s no sense in purchasing a flimsy product that won’t handle the workload you need it to handle.

Ideally, you want an Olympic wire shelving unit that’s constructed out of carbon steel, which will not only hold up under rigorous use but which will also be easy to maintain. These models include 4 posts and 4 shelves, with 4 rubber swivel stem casters for easy maneuverability as well. This is the level of quality that will allow you to enhance the efficiency of your business and provide better service to your customers and guests.

You can find these high-quality mobile shelving options right here at Wholesale Utility Carts. We specialize in providing solutions for a variety of commercial needs, including durable and dependable wire shelving units at an affordable price. If you are looking for a way to streamline your business operations or are in need of additional or replacement wire shelves, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for right here in our online store.

Our selection is robust, with utility carts in a variety of sizes and specifications to meet your specific storage and transport needs. Our deep shelf mobile Olympic carts will allow you to change the way your business operates by removing staff burden, increasing organization and storage capacity, and making many tasks much easier and more intuitive. Schools, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants love the ease in which they can store and transport boxed goods and other packages with high-quality Olympic shelving.

If you are interested in purchasing some of these fine wire shelving options for your business establishment and have questions about ordering or the delivery process, you can reach out to us at 888-777-4707 or by email at and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can. Don’t settle for an inefficient workplace when you can make use of our high-quality utility cart options and streamline your business like never before.