The Purpose of a High-Quality Hotel Housekeeping Cart

30th May 2020


Hotel housekeeping staff require the right equipment and tools in order to properly perform their jobs. Without access to this equipment, their job could potentially be hindered and this would reflect poorly on the hotel as a whole. High-quality hotel housekeeping carts are a must for the efficient and effective daily management of any hotel, bed, and breakfast, or similar venue.

Housekeeping carts can either help your hotel run like a fine-tuned machine or hinder it by slowing routine maintenance tasks and cluttering walkways, among other things. Having the right carts for your staff could mean a world of difference in how your hotel performs and operates throughout the day, which in turn translates directly into the satisfaction of your guests, which is what’s most important.

Catering to your guests is why you invest in high-quality housekeeping equipment in the first place. To ensure the cleanliness and efficiency of your establishment. Investing in this area can pay off massively because you will be directly influencing how guests perceive your hotel and how well the staff is able to address the concerns of those guests when it matters most.

Guests Value Quality Above All Else

In the hospitality industry, proper cleaning and housekeeping equipment is all but essential. There shouldn’t be any wonder why this is, because at the end of the day guests value quality. They want to know that their needs are being met exactly as they expect, perhaps even more so.

When guests make the decision to stay at your establishment, they are placing a lot of faith in what you are offering there. They are wondering from the second they walk in the front lobby to check in, “will my needs be met?” Even if you have an amazing reputation, guests are always on the lookout for anything that looks awry. They value quality and expect you to deliver it to them on an ongoing basis.

A large part of what guests consider to be a quality experience is in the level of housekeeping service they receive. They want housekeeping to be efficient and thorough while minimizing any obstruction or interference with their plans or routine. A high-quality hotel housekeeping cart is the primary piece of equipment that will enable your staff to perform at this kind of level and meet those expectations.

What Moves the Hotel Industry

Housekeeping staff efficiency is underrated, especially in the hospitality industry. While the pressure is on for everyone working at a hotel to deliver the best possible experience for guests and offer nothing but top quality service, the role of housekeeping and how important they are doesn’t get enough attention. Without the proper equipment, they may not be able to perform up to the expected standard.

It’s critical to note that it’s ultimately the housekeeping that oils the entire hotel industry as a whole. Without the diligence of the staff, guests would have a mediocre experience at best and would likely not be making a return stay. The housekeeping staff is an essential part of what crafts the entire hotel experience, right down to the spotless bathrooms and folded linen.

Given how important it is that the hotel staff can do their jobs properly, it makes sense that housekeeping carts are an integral part of the equation. Inefficient and defective carts can make even routine housekeeping tasks far more arduous than they need to be. They can even project the wrong image for your brand, as old clumsy housekeeping carts don’t exactly give off a feeling of high-quality customer service.

Ideally, you want your housekeeping carts to be sleek and not overly large, while still being roomy enough to store everything needed in order for the staff to do their job effectively. You typically only see this level of quality in the top-of-the-line cart brands, such as Rubbermaid. The ability to combine an aesthetically pleasing design with extreme utility is crucial in order to meet the demands of what guests expect in the hospitality industry.

Trying to Manage an Inefficient Business

Ultimately, efficiency is at the heart of a well-maintained hospitality operation. The staff should be able to perform their duties with minimal hassle while being as unobtrusive as possible given what they have to accomplish.

Aging equipment can reduce efficiency to a crawl. Even something as apparently small as a stubborn wheel can turn what is supposed to be a simple task into a drawn-out and agitating process, that can even transform into a poor guest experience if your moody cart happens to throw a fit in the middle of a hallway when you least expect it.

Trying to manage an inefficient business is like trying to row upstream with a tennis racket instead of a paddle. You may make progress and get the job done but the going will be slow and a much bigger hassle than it needs to be. The right equipment can make a dramatic difference if you are serious about running a high-class establishment that goes the extra distance to meet and even exceed your guest’s expectations.

If you invest in the efficiency of your hotel or bed and breakfast with the proper housekeeping carts, it’s going to streamline the cleaning and maintenance and reduce both staff frustration as well as the chances of guest disappointment.

The Best Hotel Housekeeping Cart for the Job

If housekeeping carts are so vital for the hospitality industry, it stands to reason that you should know which model to go with. There are quite a few on the market and they are not created equal, nor do they all serve the same purpose and intention. Some utility carts are not optimal for housekeeping at all and will only hinder the work that has to be done. Others may have what you need but have too bulky a profile for your liking.

Here at Wholesale Utility Carts, we carry several industry-leading Rubbermaid utility and housekeeping carts right in our online store. It is our goal to supply hotels and other establishments with the finest and most efficient carts available in order to make cleaning and maintenance a breeze rather than a chore. We believe in carts that are dependable, durable, and crafted specifically to make housekeeping easier.

Rubbermaid 9T19 BLA Full Size Housekeeping Cart with Doors

A high-quality solution that will optimize the way your hotel does business. With a litany of key features such as sleek profile, vinyl bag, safety bumpers to reduce accidental damage to walls and doors, molded-in tool organizer, spacious shelving, and two 8 TPR fixed-position wheels along with two 8 TPR swivel casters, for utmost stability and maneuverability alike.


This is the kind of quality that your guests are looking for and that they will appreciate. Simply having a roomy cart with adjustable shelving that is easy to move around and won’t get in your guest’s way makes this cart ideal for any kind of hotel. Rubbermaid makes highly functional and tough utility carts that are built not only to last but to help you create the best possible experience for your guests.

Perception can go a long way when it comes to housekeeping and the general maintenance of a hotel or similar establishment. Guests see everything if something seems out of place or goes wrong, they will almost certainly know about it before you do. Being diligent and efficient when cleaning is essential because while you don’t want to burden your guests by being overly intrusive or lengthy in your cleaning endeavors, you also don’t want to seem like the whole process is an afterthought and that you don’t care. The right  hotel housekeeping cart will enable you to squash any doubts your guests may have and deliver top-notch service they will rave about. 

A utility cart is this important. It’s not simply about making it easier to carry linen down the hallway or move cleaning supplies room to room. It’s about delivering a superior experience that your guests will remember. A professional-looking, unobtrusive housekeeping cart is vital equipment for your staff that not only will enhance the overall efficiency of the hotel itself, but it will also act as a blinking sign for your guests that says you care about the cleanliness and functionality of your establishment and that you invest in it properly.

If you notice what a lot of online reviews mention in regards to hotels, it’s all about the room service and cleanliness. Your guests will notice if your staff seem harried, they will notice if a job is done poorly. Not much gets past them, and while you can’t prevent all mishaps and can’t oversee every last cleaning job that goes on in your hotel, you can greatly increase the likelihood that everything is running smoothly and as it should be by supplying your staff with the necessary tools.

The Rubbermaid Full Size Housekeeping Cart is the kind of equipment that makes a palpable difference once it’s in use. Supplies are now within reach, more linen can be easily transported around, all of the much-needed functionality is right there. Your staff will be able to do their job in a fraction of the time while also being able to maneuver their carts around far easier, reducing clutter in the hallways and potential aggravation from guests.

Suncast Compact Housekeeping Premium Cart

Another high-quality and reliable housekeeping cart option is this new model from Suncast Commercial if you’re searching for an alternative. Suncast is known for its incredible level of quality and this is plainly evident here.

This model comes included with a high degree of functionality that can greatly improve your hotel operations, including two fully adjustable shelves and a non-marring bumper that will help reduce scuffs and damage to doors and walls throughout your establishment. It also comes equipped with an array of other standard necessities for hotel housekeeping use, such as a vacuum sire strap, wall gliders, and a lockable front door for added utility and security.

Suncast Commercial is a leading manufacturer of utility carts for a variety of purposes, and their housekeeping carts are second to none in terms of the kind of quality you can expect. If you are looking for superior quality there are certainly several strong options you can choose from for your hotel, whether it’s Suncast or Rubbermaid.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be fully invested in the cleanliness and efficiency of your establishment. It saves time, energy, and money, and can lead to positive reviews and repeat business if the guest service is just as the guests prefer it to be. The quality of the experience you deliver to your guests is mostly within your control. It’s true that you can’t control everything, but you can do your part to see that your guests get the best possible experience by investing in equipment that makes them feel pampered and taken care of. 

Where to Find High-Quality Housekeeping Carts For Your Hotel

Finding the right housekeeping carts for your hotel business is easy if you know where to look. Here at Wholesale Utility Carts, we make the process of locating and purchasing the perfect utility cart for your business needs absolutely effortless. Our online catalog of items is packed with high-quality professional-grade utility carts that serve an array of purposes and industries. Here, you can find exactly what you need to help your hotel run smoothly and stress-free.

If you’re curious about the kinds of products we stock or how you can order them for yourself, you can reach out to us at any time. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet customer needs and demand and are always willing to help you locate the utility cart that best addresses your specific needs. You can order the Rubbermaid Full Size Housekeeping Cart and have it delivered in as little as 7 business days. Our commitment to quality and reliability for your business needs is paramount to us.

Your guests are looking forward to an optimal experience that they will remember and look fondly at, and you can help give them that experience by taking the time to invest in the backbone of your hotel: the housekeeping and maintenance. Their ability to provide elite customer service is what keeps any hotel running and prospering, so investing in this area of your business is nothing short of essential. Our utility and housekeeping carts are designed with this level of service and toughness in mind, all manufactured by the leading brands and equipped with all of the latest features that you need to make your hotel service stand out.

You can reach us here at Wholesale Utility Carts by calling 888-777-4707, and we will assist you in choosing the best housekeeping cart for your business. Don’t hesitate to lean on our experts for any questions you may have, and know that we’re dedicated to providing top-quality service for all of our customers.