What is a dolly?

11th Apr 2014

There are many uses and a few names for what we call a dolly or a trolley. Let's start with why we use them, to assist us in moving medium to heavy loads. The four wheels usually mounted under the wood, plastic or polyethylene frame make transporting equipment much easier then trying to lift and carry by hand. The dolly is different then a platform truck because the dolly usually does not have handles. These wheeled platforms are the ideal equipment used every day for safer transportation. Let's look at an example of a school using a dolly to transport boxes from the dock to the classroom, with less effort then carrying each box by hand. It may take 2 people an 1 hour to move and  carry 30 cases, but with the help of a dolly 1 person can transport the same load in less time. The use of dollies is safer, faster and more efficient making unloading and moving products effortless. Another example is using a dolly cart for stocking merchandise, picking and assembly in a factory. Let's not confuse the dolly with the hand hand truck. A hand truck is designed with 2 rear wheels and the products are then stacked on the plate and then tilted back on the frame and then moved.

Not sure where the name for that came from though. But where would we be without this equipment used to move or haul heavy products.