Why Luxor Utility Carts Are The Right Choice For Your Business

21st Dec 2020

If you take a second to step back and think about all of the different pieces of equipment it takes to smoothly run a business, you realize how essential some pieces of the puzzle really are. A task as simple as carrying packages from one part of a facility to another would become far more tedious without the help of a quality utility cart.

When it comes to durable, dependable carts, Luxor is one brand that is worth your time and money. Luxor utility carts cover a variety of uses and industries and are designed to deliver superior performance year after year. From sturdy shelf carts to indispensable AV carts, and plenty of other products, they are leaders when it comes to providing businesses with solutions that positively impact efficiency and logistics.

The following guide will cover some of the reasons why Luxor’s carts stand out, why these pieces of equipment are so important for a variety of different industries, and some of the specific kinds of carts that Luxor produces, that may be just what you need to improve the operations of your facility or office.

A Brand Known For Their Quality Utility Carts

What do you get out of a Luxor utility cart? This is a brand that manufactures nothing but the highest quality equipment, which is why their reputation goes without saying. Businesses rely on Luxor carts to perform any number of tasks and operations, from moving important goods from one area to another, to housing important AV equipment and laptops. With over 70 years of experience when it comes to crafting utility carts and other important pieces of equipment, they have become a go-to name in the industry.

Make Sure Your Business Has the Proper Equipment

Investing in the right equipment is important for the success of any business. While it may seem like a small issue, but a lack of certain high-quality utility carts and other items could be hindering your productivity and making simple work tasks far more complex than they need to be.

Utility carts first and foremost were designed to meet certain needs, making tasks easier, or streamlining certain business processes. Sure, many of the tasks that utility carts help with could be performed manually, but you would only be burdening your employees or slowing operations down within your facility. Making sure you have the right equipment on hand is just as important as properly staffing your facility or business, if you want to maximize efficiency.

Can a utility cart make that much of a difference? Let’s take a look at a particular business and analyze how much they rely on high-quality utility carts to get the job done. One perfect example is restaurants, which require a great deal of efficiency and manpower to run smoothly and meet the needs of their customers.

Utility carts play an important role in the processes of the hospitality industry. When it comes to restaurants, in particular, everything from proper food preparation and organization to storage, serving, and dish collection is all aided by utility carts to some degree or another. Even waste management throughout most restaurants relies, at least to some degree, on tilt trucks and other kinds of utility carts.

That should tell you everything you need to know about the importance of these pieces of equipment. If a business such as a restaurant is relying on old or outdated equipment, they could be hampering themselves in a fundamental way. Yes, skilled employees can often make up for shoddy equipment, but at a certain point, the utility carts need to meet a certain level of quality in order to help the staff do their jobs in a timely manner.

Why is this so important? As you may already know, customer satisfaction is huge in the hospitality industry. While no one appreciates impatient and rude customers, it does happen often and can be a problem if your staff is slowed down by inefficient equipment. Regardless of the temperament of your customers, you need to be ready and prepared to meet their needs as best as possible. This often means maximizing your efficiency at every turn, in order to get food prepared and served diligently and with as few errors as possible.

It would be hilarious to think this could be done in a busy restaurant without the use of any utility carts to help things along. Even if we’re only talking about a durable and reliable shelf cart to help with collecting soiled dishes, the cart you use still needs to be up to the task. An older or inefficient piece of equipment here might impede foot traffic or be difficult to maneuver due to malfunctioning wheels. Whatever the case may be, even in a simple instance like this, a high-quality utility cart can make a significant difference.

Below we have highlighted some of the many different kinds of utility carts that Luxor specializes in, which makes it obvious that they are the brand you can trust if you need dependable equipment, regardless of which industry you work in.

Luxor’s Line of Reliable Products

Restaurants aren’t the only kind of business that prosper from the use of well-made utility carts. Schools, hospitals, factories, warehouses, offices, and more all utilize these important pieces of equipment at least to some degree. They can be found in the backrooms of malls, studios, colleges, hotels, autobody repair shops, and just about anywhere else, helping to increase efficiency and productivity.

Luxor utility carts specifically cater to a wide variety of industries and fields. You’re just as likely to see one of their carts used in a middle school classroom as you are on the floor of a warehouse. Their durable yet streamlined designs ensure that they are suitable for general use yet are tough enough for any environment as well as industrial use.

AV Carts

From offices to classrooms, to boardrooms and even hospitals, AV carts are an essential piece of equipment that helps to streamline many common workplace tasks. Well-made AV carts such as the ones that Luxor produces also have plenty of room for cable management as well as security features that make these pieces of equipment a clear and obvious choice.

While the art of giving a presentation is in itself fairly easy when you think about it, it is made substantially easier with the help of an AV cart. Not only do these all-too-important carts help to house and transport the actual projectors, laptops, and other electronics, they are the most convenient place to actually perform a presentation from as well. Rather than having to assemble and reassemble a laptop and projector setup every time you want to give a presentation somewhere, these handy carts simply allow you to do it on the fly, without a second thought.

Luxor AV carts are designed to be tough, mobile, and functional. They are constructed out of steel and other high-quality materials and will help with keeping your equipment safe and tidy. Essential for classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, and anywhere else where presentations and conferences are routinely held.

Charging Lockers

Adjacent to AV carts in terms of storing electrical equipment, charging lockers are becoming more common in classrooms and workplaces due to the rising use of laptops and tablets. The past decade has seen a massive surge when it comes to digital education and performing work via digital interfaces. Platforms like Outlook, Google, Microsoft, and a litany of others have become integral to the everyday functioning of school curriculums and interoffice communications.

In light of this fact, more workplaces and schools than ever are relying on electronic devices as an important aspect of workflow and education. With tablets and computers constantly in use, there is a growing need to charge all of these devices quickly and efficiently.

Well, in a computer lab or library that may utilize a few dozen tablets, for instance, charging all of these devices using traditional outlets and power strips becomes an effort in futility. Charging stations provide much-needed functionality for workplaces that use a multitude of devices and need them to be constantly charged in an efficient manner.

What’s more, professional-quality charging lockers also provide security for these often-expensive devices. Depending on the model, a quality tablet or laptop can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Even in an otherwise secure environment, you don’t want these important devices hanging out in the open or charging overnight where they can be easily snatched. Charging lockers give instructors and business owners a greater amount of control over these devices, ensuring that they can charge safely and out of harm’s way.

Multipurpose Shelf Carts

A simple but well-made shelf cart can be used to take care of a wide variety of different workplace issues. These handy carts can act as a carrier for important packages, tools, or other pieces of equipment that need to be safely ferried from one location to another. They are also a common sight in dining areas, for displaying desserts or collecting dishes.

Luxor has a solid line of shelf carts that you can use to bolster your productivity and make things flow better in any work environment.

Wire Carts

These utility carts also provide a great deal of value. Typically seen in kitchens, they are often used to carry supplies from one location to another and act as temporary shelving or storage, depending on the model. These carts are also useful for carrying packages and mail, as well as a variety of other goods.

Other Fine Products to Consider

Luxor is a brand recognized for its exemplary quality as well as its variety of high-quality equipment. Here at Wholesale Utility Carts, you can browse through Luxor’s impressive product line and see for yourself how many different kinds of products they offer to help businesses stay productive.

The previously mentioned collection of utility carts may be what they are most known for, but Luxor truly offers a great range of products. From laundry and janitorial utility carts to heavy-duty flat panel carts, and a variety of presentation carts, they have exactly the kind of selection you need in order to properly outfit your business with all of the right equipment.

They even have a wide range of other quality equipment, such as mobile whiteboards, mounted whiteboards, pneumatically adjustable desktops, transport carts, standing desks, and storage units that can all be used to increase the functionality of a multitude of work environments. Luxor manufactures products that you can truly rely on, no matter what industry you are in or what your business needs are.

The Only Place You Need to Shop For Luxor Utility Carts

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Making sure your workplace or facility is equipped with the right utility carts is more important than you might think at first glance. Once you understand how important these products are for the operations of your business, you are definitely going to want to invest in this area and make sure you have the right Luxor carts and other equipment in place that will help your business succeed.

Have any questions in regards to what Luxor carts we carry, or need more information on the specific specs or benefits of a particular utility cart or other product that is featured in our store? We have you covered. Not only do we carry an incredible assortment of well-made utility carts, but we also emphasize customer satisfaction in everything we do here at Wholesale Utility Carts. Simply call us up at 888-777-4707 and we will be happy to help you find what you need.